St Peters Bristol

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Welcome to the Nursery

Our Nursery Class is called 'The Ducklings'. 

Four staff work in the Nursery all week: 

Class Teacher: Miss Sarah West 
LSA: Mrs Lisa Jenkins 
LSA: Mrs Teresa Gilmour 
LSA: Mrs Jess Reynolds 

We have 60 children in our Nursery Classes. 

Nursery sessions are for 2 full days and 1 half day. One class attends Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday morning and the other class attends for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and Friday. 

There are 30 children in each class. 

Each class is split into 3 keyworker groups. Blue Group, Yellow Group and Green Group. 

Please click here or on the ILD logo below to access the Interactive Learning Diary page:

Forest School 

This is Mr Wilson, he is our amazing Forest School Leader. All of the children in Nursery attend Forest School. In Terms 3 - 5 Forest School is based in our secret garden but in T6 we go on the minibus to Leigh Woods! We are looking forward to exploring the secret garden and also using Mr Wilson's tools to cut wood! It will be cold in the Winter, but we will wrap up warm and put on our wellies! 

We love mark-making! We enjoy using lots of different media when we are mark-making. Here we are making marks using foam, chalk, water, pens and paint! 

Traditional Tales

We have really enjoyed our topic Traditional tales. This term our favourite story was The Three Little Pigs. We have also been learning about pigs. We had a little baby pig come to stay with us and her name was Prissy. We worked hard to find out lots of information about pigs to look after her. We also had to be responsible! 

In term 2, we went on a Magical Autumn walk around our field. We explored the autuminal leaves and objects! Here are some photos of us exploring! 

Making Friends

In term one our topic is 'Making Friends'. We spend lots of time getting to know each other and learning to play and share with our duckling friends. We will also learn to look after resources, learn the nursery routines as well as adjusting to being independent from Mums and Dads! There is a lot to learn! 

Magical Moments

It’s time to explore the school including the secret garden, our allotment, the playground and the huge field. Together we will go on Autumn walks so bring your wellies. We discover the dark den and find different ways to light it up. Throughout this topic, we discover the magic and wonder of the start of winter and all the festivals and celebrations. We help Reception with their Christmas Nativity by singing a little song and we look forwrad to having a special visitor at our christmas party! 

Once upon a time

Step into the world of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and 'The Very Hungry Catapillar'. Retell the stories using masks and costumes, construct houses using different materials and explore our story sacks. 


We’re going on a bear hunt! Each key group will unwrapp a Teddy Bear which they will name and look after for the term. This year Yellow Group 1 named theirs Star, Blue Group 1 named theirs Paddington Blue and Green Group 1 named theirs Barnaby. Yellow Group 2 named theirs Fishy, Blue Group 2 named theirs Sunshine and Green Group 2 named theirs Teddy. We will read lots of favourite stories involving different bears and join us for an exciting bear hunt outside! At the end of the topic, join us for a teddy bears picnic. 


Down in the Jungle

Grab your magnifying glass, put on your exploring hat and get into your jeep as we head off to explore the animals found in a jungle. 

During this topic Bristol Zoo bring some special visitors to spend some time in Nursery.  

On the Farm

In this topic we head down to the farm to meet the animals. We learn about animals and their babies. We go on our first school trip to a local farm and feed the animals, play in the hay barn and pet lots of different farm animals.