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School Council

Hi there!

The school council help with making important decisions across the school, as well as organising fun, charity-fundraising days throughout the year!

So far this year, the school council has raised money for two charities: Children in Need and Comic Relief. People have dressed up, done sponsored challenges and donated kindly in cakes and cash.

We hold regular meetings to discuss safety, attendance and behaviour in school to give our expert advice which can then be fed back to each of our classes.

We take our jobs very seriously and want to make sure that St Peter’s is the best school it can be: kind, caring, safe, responsible and respectful.

If you ever need to talk to us about the school and how it runs, please come and find us!

The school council is made up of a Head Boy, Head Girl and two children in every class from Year 1 to Year 6. The school councillors for this year are:

Head Boy: William Bicknell

Head Girl: Maisie Padfield

Doves: Dempsey Smith and Shannon Evans

Kingfishers: Tyler Davey and Sophia Dunn

Owls: Jack Feltham and Lily Baker

Kestrels: Charlie Benton-Jones and Ava Rose Tripp-Edwards

Parrots: Callum Lovell and Maria Konstantinou

Pelicans: Lucas Parsons and Pippa Hall

Puffins: Oliver Campbell and Bliss Hale

Penguins: Riley Hann and Ellie Kippen

Swans: Ashton Goodwin and Rhian Bull

Flamingos: Eli Brown and Gracie-Mae Nicholls

Toucans: Gaige Hynam and Anais Reynolds

Emus: Megan Short and Jada Brown