St Peters Bristol

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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Pelicans and Parrots!

The class teacher in the Parrots is Mr Luke Arnold.

The class teacher in the Pelicans is Mrs Lucy Foster

Brilliant Bristol - Term 1

Term 1 begins with a wonderful introduction to our famous city, Bristol. In this term we enjoy looking into the vibrant culture and history of Bristol. Early on we go on a magnificent trip to the docks where we enjoy a spot of lunch in Millennium Square followed by a spot of sketching at Clifton Observatory. What better way to start the year than looking at our home town!

Spies - Term 2

Term 2 is top secret so don't tell anyone. This is where we learn to become super spies! We spend time investigating mysterious gadgets and even spying on teachers! This message will self destruct in 5 seconds...


We have a wonderful time celebrating Christmas. There are so many celebrations and fun activitites to take part in.

This is the time to go glitter crazy! Watch as our classrooms are transformed into a winter wonderland! Christmas dinner with the teachers is always a wonderful treat too! 

Welcome to China - Term 3 & 4

When you come back from your Christmas holiday you will find that your classroom has transformed ready for the new topic of China. We'll spend the day immersing ourselves in Chinese culture by tasting food, dressing up and producing art.


This term we are lucky enough to be learn gymnastics at the Bristol gymnastics centre. We will have a great time bouncing, flipping and balancing!

Super Scientists - Term 5

Get your goggles ready, it's time to experiment. This term we will learn all about the world around us through a real hands on approach to science. We investigate world famous people that helped to shape our world such as Brunel and Mary Anning.

The Romans - Term 6

Prepare your shields! Finally we will learn all about those rotten Romans and how they shaped the county around us. In this term we visit Caerleon where we meet some real romans and even simulate a battle in an old roman arena.