St Peters Bristol

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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Pelicans and Parrots!

The class teacher in the Parrots is Mr Luke Arnold.

The class teacher in the Pelicans is Mrs Toni Thomas.

Mrs Grainee Robb and Mrs Carol Morris work across Year 3.

Brilliant Bristol

We began our learning in year 3 with a topic all about our home city, Bristol. We had a visit from Sandra Moore, a local artist and Ollie Rigby, the author of The Bristol giants.

Spy day

There were some very strange characters snooping around school today. There was a crime scene to be investigated, gadgets to be explored and missions to be completed.


We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas. There were so many celebrations and fun activitites to take part in. Here are some pictures to give you a flavour of what we got up to.

We even had time for some Christmas cooking with Nellie.

Some of us did Christmas cooking for our homework. We brought the cakes in to share with the whole class, they were delicious.

During the last week of term we had a fantastic Christmas lunch.

Welcome to China

We came back from our Christmas holidays to find that our classrooms had been transformed ready for our new topic. We spent the day immersing ourselves in China by tasting food, dressing up and producing art.




Chinese art afternoon

We produced some beautiful bamboo artwork using tradtiional Chinese painting methods.


This term we are lucky enough to be learning gymnastics at the Bristol gymnastics centre. We had a great time at our first session. Watch this space for more pictures as the weeks go by.

Willow Pattern Plates

After enjoying the story of the Willow pattern plate we made our own interpretations Take a look at the amazing details!.

Super Spellings

You may think spelling is boring! Well it isn't for us. We make our spellings out of plasticine, draw them in sand, chalk them on the school grounds and even have contests with our teachers!

Learning about different religions

This term A real highlight was learning about different Hindu Gods through playing top trumps! We also really enjoyed acting out the story of Krishna. We paused in Freeze frames as we went through the story.