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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Penguins and Puffins! 

The class teacher in the Penguins is Mrs Toni Thomas

The class teacher in the Puffins is Miss Faye O'Connell.

Mrs Morris will also be working with Puffins class and Miss Roddick will be the LSA in Penguins.

What an amazing start to the year we have had! Wow. The children jumped straight into our new topic Knowing Me Knowing You. We brought in some special items which the children gave some brilliant presentatins on. We also brushed up our selfie skills competing in a

Selfie Challenge!

Knowing me, Knowing you

We have also been lucky enough to learn loads about the body, including teeth, skeletons, muscles and the digestive system. We conducted an exciting egg-periment to test the effects of different liquids on teeth. We were inspired by the fantastic book 'The Wizard of Oz' We can't wait for Term 2.







Autumn homework projects

We have had some amazing projects arriving in school.  Well done to all of you that drew, baked, collected, planted and wrote.  Here is a selection of what we have seen so far.





We had the most amazing day at We the curious.  We explored the exhibitions as well as taking part in two workshops, Digest this (look out for the disgusting pictures) and bubble and splash.








Double, double, toil and trouble

 To begin our new topic we came to school dressed as witches, wizards and scientists.  We took part in lots of fabulous activities including innovating Macbeths famous witches poem, mixing mocktails and separating mixtures.









Christmas celebrations

 We have had the most festive time preparing for Christmas.  We watched a pantomime, made lanterns, drank hot chocolate and danced at the the disco.








Survival immersion day


To prepare us for camp we enjoyed a survival day.  We made SOS signs from natural materials and wrote messages in bottles.






Year 4 camp

We had an amazing time on our Year 4 Camp trip in March! We got to do so many fun activities like zip wiring, problem solving, orienteering, climbing and more!  We even managed to get some sleep!