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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Penguins and Puffins! 

The class teacher in the Penguins is Mrs Toni Thomas

The class teacher in the Puffins is Mr Nigel Wilson

Mrs Kautz and Mrs Hill will also be working with 

What an amazing start to the year we have had! Wow.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We began the year by finding out all about ourselves, each other and our teachers.  We used the book The Wizard of Oz and began this topic by going on a treasure hunt for clues to the book.  We found some very strange items around the school before making our own Emerald City. Have a look at what we found.

Can you see what is hiding in the tree? 





We were really lucky to have a visit from a teacher from Ashton Park secondary school to teach us our first dance lesson.  We worked together to come up for lots of ideas on the theme of trust and friendship.



 Double, double toil and trouble


In year 4 we love science.  This term we have been putting together skeletons and investigating solids, liquids and gases.








 Medieval day

Dressing up as medieval people was a real highlight of the term.  During the day we found out about life in medieval times, we agreed it would have been pretty tough.  Later in the day, we were really lucky to meet  birds of prey and some of us even got to hold them.






We the Curious 

We had the most amazing day at We the curious.  We explored the exhibitions as well as taking part in two workshops, Digest this (look out for the disgusting pictures) and How my body works.










     Remembrance day

Everybody in school made a poppy which was placed on our school display.  We focused our learning on what it would have been like for children during the  war.





The Egg-speriment

As part of our learning about teeth we set up an experiment to see the effect of different liquids on our teeth.  Before we set up the experiment we made predictions about what might happen as well as discussing how to make it a fir test.






We continued learning about how to keep our teeth healthy by making a calcium rich dish.  We made quiche which included eggs, cheese and milk.









Christmas celebrations

 We have had the most festive time preparing for Christmas.  We had a Christmas craft day where we made cards, lanterns, calendars and tree decorations.  A highlight of Christmas was performing on the lower key stage 2 performance, Santas on strike.  We ate a delicious Christmas dinner and had a party with lots of treats.






We came back after Christmas to the most exciting week.  After learning what STEM is we set about investigating electricity and how to make lights light, buzzers buzz and fans spin.  In preparation for the science fair we made rooms with working electrical parts using what we had learned in our investigations.  Later in the week we designed stomp rockets for the school competition.  We decided that the variable would be the length of the rocket and after designing and making our rockets we were ready for take off.





                  Welcome to the Rain forest

After the fun of STEM week we began our new topic which was all about Rain forests.  We spent the first day exploring the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that we  might encounter should we venture there.  We learnt lots of facts about the different layers of the rainforest and wrote this up into a pop up book that we illustrated.  To finish our topic we learnt, retold and innovated the story of the papaya that spoke.






Year 4 camp


 In March, we headed to the Deans Fields Study Centre for 3 days of non-stop fun.  We crawled, zipped, waded, climbed and built our way through so many exciting activities.  Best of all was spending time together as a year group.