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Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Swans and Flamingos!

The class teacher in Flamingos is Mr Billy Heaton.

The class teacher in Swans is Mr Nigel Wilson.

Mrs Tracy Anderson will also spend lots of time working in Year 5!

Year 5 brings lots of exciting new challenges and responsibilities. We introduce behaviour grades and also have privilege time. We are role models to the younger children and so have to demonstrate excellent behaviour at all times.

The expectations on each child in terms of academic independence significantly increase in Year 5 and the completion of homework, punctuality, attendance, smartness of appearance, following the uniform policy and attending school with full equipment are all linked to the behaviour system.

All of the children in Year 5 have special cooking lessons with our cookery teacher Nellie. Over the year they learn to make a range of dishes (mainly savoury) many of which they should then be able to help you make at home.

The Environment

Our first topic in Year 5 is all about the environment. Using two books (The Tin Forest and The Flower) as a starting point, we learn all about how to care for the world, renewable energy and what the future might be like if neglect the earth.

Top Left: Rubbish...everywhere... Top Right: Flamingos attempt to create creatures from the debris in the wasteland. Bottom Left: Mason becomes global warming, leaving little space for the polar bear. Bottom Right: Exploring the EcoHome's hidden planet-saving tricks.

We began our topic by creating our own tin forest using recycled waste material, just like in the book. Later on in the term, we went for a trip to the Create Centre where we explored a real Ecohome, as well as creating our own wind turbines. We have used what we have learnt to write a persuasive leaflet about caring for the world around us. 

In science, we have been studying the life cycle of plants by planting our own seeds and watching them grow, as Brigg did in The Flower.

Community Day

Throughout our top of The Environment, we thought about how we could be less wasteful and try to reuse things that we'd otherwise throw out. The topic inspired our community day to be one about reusing and remodelling clothes in an extravagant, never-seen-before, St Peter's Fashion Show. In just one day, the children chose their outfits (from the public's kind donations), practise and rehearsed their exquisite dance moves and catwalk routine and even sold their clothes after the show! It was quite a memorable day in show business!

Ancient Egypt

Our second topic in Year 5 was Ancient Egypt. We began the topic by turning the classroom into an ancient tomb where we cracked the hieroglyphic code, investigated artefacts and learned all about the Pyramids and Pharaohs of Egypt.

The entrance to our tombs...

We learned about the story of Moses, creating fantastic descriptive writing. This linked with our RE focus of leadership and the class had a debate on whether the Hebrews should have followed Moses out of Egypt.

Throughout the topic we learned about the mysteries hidden within the pyramids, the legend of Isis and Osiris and we turned this into a modern day newspaper report! In science, we investigated forces and considered how the Egyptians managed to build the phenomenal pyramids.


Through The Ages: Victorians