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Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Emus and Flamingos

The class teachers in Emu Class are Alanna Reed and Jess Griffiths.

The class teacher in Flamingo Class is Faye O'Connell.

Carol Morris and Carly Nicholas support the two classes.


Year 5 brings lots of exciting new challenges and responsibilities. We introduce behaviour grades and also have privilege time. We are role models to the younger children and so have to demonstrate excellent behaviour at all times.

The expectations on each child in terms of academic independence significantly increase in Year 5 and the completion of homework, punctuality, attendance, smartness of appearance, following the uniform policy and attending school with full equipment are all linked to the behaviour system.


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Childhood Through the Ages

Our first topic is brimming with exciting trips, engaging books, fun immersion events and lots of opportunities to handle artefacts from the past.

Throughout the term, the children will visit Blaise Castle, will become mini miners at the Big Pit, will experience a Victorian Classroom at St Fagans and in our own school, will learn the hardships of a workhouse and will step in the world of the Railway Child at the theatre.  All of these experiences will help the children to see what life was like for children in the Victorian era but also how child hood has changed since.                   

Immersion Day and Blaise


The children walked into a classroom filled with artefacts, costumes, games, music, a photo booth and video clips.  Hopscoth and marble runs were painted on the corridor floor and a skipping rope was attached to a lamp post.  Both children and adults alike had fun exploring.  We then took a trip to Blaise Museum and had a picnic by the park.  What a great way to start a topic!



 The Big Pit and St Fagans


We donned our hard hats, turned on the head lamp and bravely descended into 'The Big Pit' via a cage lift.  We realised how difficult it would have been to be a young child pulling heavy drams, sitting for hours in a cold tunnel or sorting through coal.



St Fagans School Room


Dressed in our finest Victorian outfits, we travelled back in time to experience a different type of classroom.  We are glad that school isn't the same anymore because the Victorian teacher was a bit scary.  We will be having a full day school room experience at St Peter's in two weeks time.



Here is Emus Harvest song so you can practice it at home.



Here is Flamingos Harvest song to practice at home.


 Here is the music for Food, Glorious Food.



Victorian School Room



The very strict 'Victorian teacher' visited us this week.  The school hall was turned into a Victorian classroom with the tables in rows, lessons presented on chalk boards and children dressed in Victorian clothing.  All work was done on slate boards and some children had a chance to write with quill pens.  



We learnt just how boring lessons used to be and were shocked by the ridiculous rules.  Children weren't even allowed to ask questions or write with their left hand!  The Victorian teacher pretended to cane some children and made others sit with the dunce cap on their heads.       


After the mornings lessons, we all had a go at cross stitch.  It was difficult to thread the needle but we finally got the hang of it.  We are looking forward to making our own Victorian bookmarks next term.   


Our amazing homework projects 

 We have been blown away by the fabulously creative homework projects you have produced this term.  We have enjoyed trying Victoria sponge cakes, have loved the nature projects, been enthralled by the diary entries and have been amazed by the shoe box scenes.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.




 Theatre Trip

We are very excited to have won theatre tickets for 'The Old Vic'.   Not only will we be watching a performance but we will also be going on stage to sing a Christmas carol dressed in our Victorian clothing.  We will be singing 'Once in Royal David's City'.  The music has been linked here to help you practice.



Songs for the Carol Concert

We have been working hard on learning our sings for the carol concert.  We have linked the music and lyrics to help you practice.

Emu Class-Gaudete




Coming up soon:


Term 2

A visit to Redgrave Theatre to watch 'The Railway Children'

A specialist music teacher will be teaching us once a week.

The Carol Concert

Winter Wanderland

Christmas Fayre

Term 3

Swimming lessons start

STEM week

We will be learning chess this term.