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Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Emus and Toucans!

The class teacher in the Emus is Mr Billy Heaton.

The class teacher in the Toucans is Mrs Emma Oldfield.

Year 6 are lucky enough to have the fabulous Miss Alanna Reed, Mrs Soo Jackson, Mr Patrick Turnbull and Mr James Fox Robinson also working in and around the classes as well!

Welcome to our 2016-17 class page. Year 6 is going to be filled with unique and exciting opportunities and experiences for everyone.

Now the children are in Year 6 they have many chances to take on important (and vital) jobs in and around the school. Both Emus and Toucans may be found keeping the office in order, leading playtimes for younger children, carefully maintaining the accounts of the tuck trolley and, also, demonstrating the school values with pride and maturity.

Year 6 is a challenging year and the children work very hard towards their SATs. However, they also have plenty of opportunities to have fun.Throughout the year, the children go to camp, attend lifeskills, explore Crealy, dress up for their Prom and perform in the end of year production.
We have very high expectations of all of our children but particularly those in Year 6. Having travelled through primary school we expect them to show an excellent understanding of how to be a representative of St.Peter's. Over the years we have provided as many opportunities as possible – academic, cross-curricular and pastoral – to allow the children to grow, develop and make the most of their strengths. This is their opportunity to demonstrate all that they have learnt.

It is our aim that our boys and girls should be fully prepared for secondary and leave us with the confidence to do well in senior school, attend universities or other training opportunities and move on to embark successfully on a wide range of careers.


Term 1

Kensuke's Kingdom 

This year has seen an excellent start, with Year 6's first topic: Kensuke's Kingdom. The topic is based around the wondrous book by Michael Morpurgo. It tells the story of a boy (Michael) travelling the world on his family's boat, The Peggy Sue. 

Year 6 have used this book as a basis for creating outstanding pieces of writing, researching and reporting on countries that Michael visited and for looking at the geographical context involved with the sailing. 

Year 6 took their passion for adventure and have created beautiful, illustrated pages for an atlas to be published for the rest of the school! 

Towards the end of term, Mr Fox Robinson commandeered the Emus and Toucans in creating a scale model of Kensuke's infamous 'elongated peanut' island - make sure you see it outside Toucans class! 

Barton Camp!

Last week was Year 6's initiation - Barton Camp!

All of Emus and Toucans had the opportunity to try their hands at new and exciting games and challenges.

Before arriving at Barton Camp, we visited Noah's Ark Zoo Farm and played in the incredible Ark Arena, swang amongst hay bails, held guinea-pigs and rabbits and viewed all the amazing creatures!

On arrival at camp, the boys and the girls settled in to their dormitories and obviously made sure they were kept super tidy over the week...

Throughout the week, Emus and Toucans got to spend time getting to know the teachers and other children really well - playing games like, capture the flag, midnight blocky and other sports too!

Swimming was clearly a highlight for many, luckily we swam every day!

The infamous Crook's Peak challenge was conquered by everyone and the view from the top was incredible! Some brave people decided to try their hands at 'bouldering' - where you scramble up a small rock face - scary!

During free time, swings were swung, footballs were kicked, Hamma beads were hammered(?) and tuck shop goodies were gobbled!

It really was a fantastically memorable week - both the children and teachers clearly enjoyed there time this year! What a way to start Year 6!


Once again, Year 6 got their odd vegetables (even some pumpkins) and rock the whole of St Peter's Church with an awesome rendition of the now famous and celebrated "Harvest Rock and Roll". There wasn't a single person not joining in with the infectious "OOH YEAH! HARVEST ROCK AND ROLL" chorus!

Tudor day

The whole school was immersed in Tudor fun in the last week of term and it gave year 6 the opportunity to try out some really exciting activities - all Shakespeare themed!

We learned and performed Sonnet 18 using either the modern or the classic version, then had a chance at writing our very own Shakespearean insults (thou 'rank elf-skinned mugger-hugger!') and closed the day off re-enacting one of the playwrite's most famous plays: Macbeth!

Term 2

A Sailing Boat in the Sky

This topic has provided Year 6 with a plethora of opportunities to learn about the world. The original story was written by Quentin Blake and a whopping 1,800 children, from around the world! It tells the story of Nicholas and Isobel who create a wonderful craft from driftwood on a beach, which leads to an enlightening adventure...

We have been using the themes of the picture book to inform our learning about the world. Year 6 have shown an awesome sense of maturity around these subjects, which include: bullying, child slavery, war and poverty.

The first week has involved looking into the challenging subject of bullying. Children have read and subsequently written and performed their very own individual and group poems. Check this one out:

Power is truly created by friendship and fairness.
How you've treated him for months,
How you've abused the defenseless victim.
Now you're atop the pyramid,
don't believe you'll go to heaven.
Burn you tormentor,
loose your eternity.
Next year, you will be black-mailed, hit, stole from, mocked, bugged,
You'd better prepare by stopping doing the same to him.


St Peter's Christmas has flown by with games, dinners, parties, Christmas jumpers and much much more!

Children have revelled in the spirit of Christmas by making decorations, place-mats, funky hats and calendars to see in the new year!

We've also tried a little bit of Christmas cooking to get us in the mood!

Our very festive topic (Humbug!) has been A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It has really got us in the mood for reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas. Ebenezer Scrooge even came to visit us!