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Welcome to Year 6

We have three classes in year 6 this year: Phoenix,  Emu and Toucan Class.

The teachers in Phoenix Class are Miss Reed and Miss Foster.Alanna Reed and Jenny Foster are the teachers in Phoenix Class.



Kat Gower is the class teacher in Emu Class.                Katelyn Ducat is the class teacher in Toucan Class.


Year 6 are lucky enough to have the fabulous Mrs Ann-Marie Payne and Mrs Karen Hill also working with some of the children as well.

Year 6 is going to be filled with unique and exciting opportunities and experiences for everyone.

Now the children are in Year 6 they have many chances to take on important (and vital) jobs in and around the school.  Year 6 children may be found keeping the office in order, leading playtimes for younger children, carefully maintaining the accounts of the tuck trolley and, also, demonstrating the school values with pride and maturity.

Year 6 is a challenging year and the children work very hard towards their SATs. However, they also have plenty of opportunities to have fun.Throughout the year, the children go to camp, attend lifeskills, explore Crealy, dress up for their Prom and perform in the end of year production.

We have very high expectations of all of our children but particularly those in Year 6. Having travelled through primary school we expect them to show an excellent understanding of how to be a representative of St.Peter's. Over the years we have provided as many opportunities as possible – academic, cross-curricular and pastoral – to allow the children to grow, develop and make the most of their strengths. This is their opportunity to demonstrate all that they have learnt.

It is our aim that our boys and girls should be fully prepared for secondary and leave us with the confidence to do well in senior school, attend universities or other training opportunities and move on to embark successfully on a wide range of careers.


Term 1

Barton Camp

We kick off year 6 with an amazing residential trip to Barton Camp.  This is a fun filled, jam packed adventure that really bonds the children and teachers. We are heading to camp on Monday 11th  until Thursday 14th September 2017. Check out our school twitter account to follow our experiences. Over the week, children will:

  • swim in the outdoor heated pool
  • climb Crooks Peak and fly kites from the summit
  • design camp t-shirts
  • make dens and take part in team challenges
  • have fun on the zip wire and obstacle course
  • let off steam at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

and loads more.......




Kensuke's Kingdom


We sail into our new topic as we read Kensuke's Kingdom  by Michael Morpurgo. It tells the story of a boy (Michael) travelling the world on his family's boat - The Peggy Sue. However when disaster strikes, Michael finds himself on a deserted island. But, he is not alone...

Throughout this topic, we create our own ship's log following Michael's journey around the world. We experience life on the island by tasting exotic fruits and trying to crack open coconuts and we learn about the countries Michael visits on his journey.



Term 2

 Bristol in the Blitz

 In Term 2, we travel back to World War 2. Here, we learn about the beginning of the war, the horrors of the Blitz and the fascinating life of Anne Frank. As well as this, we explore Narnia while reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

 Into University

In Year 6, we are lucky enough to be able to spend a week at Into University where we get the chance to think about our future as potential university students.

Over the course of the week, we study a subject, go on a trip, plan our future and we even get to graduate from Bath University. It is a fantastic week with lots of learning both about our topic and our future.