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Arts, Design and Technology


All pupils learn to sing and play classroom instruments. They all have opportunities to listen to a wide variety of music from different times and cultures. Pupils also learn to improvise and develop their own musical compositions. Here at St. Peter’s, we are offering an
increasingly broad opportunity for children to have specialist
instrumental teachers.

All pupils have the opportunity to join singing clubs and children in Year 2 all learn to play the recorder.. Music also plays a big part in many of our productions. Across the school children take part in ‘sing-up’ and many children choose to learn to play the recorder.

Children have many opportunities to listen to live and recorded music and to share in orchestra and choir opportunities.

Art and Food Technology

Through looking at, discussing, exploring and practising the techniques, children develop a visual perceptiveness and language with which they can explore the world around them and express their ideas and feelings. Art is experimental and explorative and is not just about the finished piece, but the whole creative process.

Often, you can see some fantastic art work on display and children in KS1 and KS2 have the opportunity to join arts and crafts clubs.

We are also very lucky to have our own pottery kiln!

We have an amazing cookery room with children in Reception and Year 5 being taught by a specialist cookery teacher. Children cook a range of foods with a focus on healthy and savoury products.



Design and Technology  

Across the school, children are given a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills in the design, making and evaluating process. From building Viking Long Boats out of junk materials, to creating structures that can withstand an earthquake, the children are provided with many exciting learning prospects that inspire and motivate them in the subject area. 




Drama and Dance

Through PE and through our creative curriculum children have many opportunities to explore new concepts through drama and dance.

Children often take part in festivals such as ‘stages’ and every child is able to take part in productions and plays.