St Peters CofE Primary



At St Peter’s, we believe that Computing is an integral part of preparing children to live in a world where technology is continuously and rapidly evolving, so much so that children are being prepared to work with technology that doesn’t even exist yet. For this reason, we feel that it is important that children are able to participate in the creation of these new tools to fully grasp the relevance of and the possibilities of emerging technologies thus preparing them for the world of work.

Our aim is to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum for computing, enable our pupils to be capable, confident and curious with technology and understand how to use technology responsibly, safely and positively. We want our pupils to understand that there is always a choice when using technology and for staff to model its positive use – we recognise that the best prevention many of the issues we currently see with technology is through education.

Our broad curriculum encompasses computer science, information technology and digital literacy and citizenship. Furthermore, we want our pupils to be able to support their learning through the use of technology across the whole school curriculum – providing opportunities for our pupils to develop their creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and resilience.  We want our pupils to have a breadth of experience to develop their understanding of themselves as individuals within their community but also as members of a wider global community and as responsible digital citizens.

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