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Modern Foreign Languages

Across the school we teach ‘French’ through a fun, multi-sensory
approach. In KS1, this is mainly through simple games and songs.There are also many opportunities for children to integrate French into their every day classroom practice: using greetings during register time and commands in and around the classroom. The teaching of Modern Foreign Languages at KS2 offers many valuable learning opportunities. These include the development of language skills and language-learning skills and the ability to understand and communicate in a new language. In KS2, children have a weekly lesson based on the scheme 'Jolie Ronde'. Much of the French teaching in Year 5 is provided by Bedminster Down Secondary School. Every child in KS2 has at least 1/2 hr a week from a French specialist with the whole lesson being taught in French! Last year we celebrated our love for Modern Foreign Languages by immersing the school in a French WOW day. We are eagerly anticipating the next one! Finally, we have an excellent bank of wonderful resources to help make our French learning and teaching a truly engaging and enjoyable experience.