St Peters CofE Primary

Healthy Body

Eating Well

We know it's important for all children to eat a healthy and balanced diet. To help keep healthy eating fun we will be giving you some great ideas and recipes below each term.

This terms fruit art activity is fruit race cars . Click to watch the video tutorial on how to make working race cars out of bananas, cucumbers, apples and more. 

This terms recipe to try at home is a warming Mediterranean Potato Bake to help you heat up from the cold. 

For other exciting and simple recipe ideas at home, please go to

For great healthy lunchbox ideas please go to


Five Fruity Water Ideas

Children aged 4-8 need around 1.2 litres of water a day (that's around 5 full glasses), while children aged 9 and up will need 1.5 litres (around 6 glasses). 

To help make water more exciting, why not try adding fresh slices of fruit over squash and other drinks. Fresh fruit will only contain natural sugars and children a boost of vitamins. Here's some we would recommend to help give your child's water some flavour. 

1. Orange slices

2. Apple slices

3. Strawberries

4. Cucumber slices and fresh mint

5. Lime and lemon slices

Keeping Active

It's important for all children to keep active. 

In school we offer regular PE lessons, our Daily Mile challenge and active playtimes, as well as a number of school clubs

But it is also important to keep active at home, as well as over the school holidays. 

For great ideas for how to keep fit at home please go to