St Peters CofE Primary

Home School Agreement

We believe that children learn best and are happiest when the school and parents / carers work in partnership. This home school agreement shows how we will work together to make sure that each child achieves their full potential. This is a successful school and your child plays their part in making it so. We aim for an environment which enables and encourages all members of the community to reach out for excellence. For our children to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that your child:

  • is at school, on time, every day
  • has had a good night’s sleep and a nutritional breakfast
  • brings everything they need for the day
  • is emotionally and academically prepared for the day

Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Values

Vision Statement:

 A World of Opportunities 

Mission Statement:

We help our children learn through:

Offering high quality first teaching

Giving excellent care, guidance and support

Creating a perfect learning environment

Motivating through an inspirational curriculum

Modelling our school values

Providing a safe and secure school

Working with different people

Working on their own, with partners and in groups

Expecting the best from all of our learners


At St. Peter’s we strive to provide a learning environment that will contribute to children’s real lives both as they live them and as a preparation for their futures. We want to give our children memories that are golden and useful and as such we offer a broad and engaging curriculum that is literacy and numeracy rich. We believe that successful people of the future will be those who are resilient in the face of challenge, resourceful and full of strategies when uncertain and who are reflective learners, well aware of themselves and their own strengths and capabilities. On top of all this we want our children to develop the capacity and desire to learn in any context.

As a school we will:

  • provide a caring and supportive learning environment where each child is a valued member of our community;
  • offer a high standard of teaching;
  • provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which makes learning exciting and interesting and includes the use of media and inspiration days;
  • provide high quality resources (including ICT equipment);
  • promote high standards of work and behaviour, providing clear guidelines and systems to ensure children know what behaviour is expected. (This will be managed within our rewards and discipline policy where necessary);
  • provide opportunities for you to meet teachers and discuss your child’s progress;
  • provide an annual report for your records;
  • set regular homework and home learning to:
  • enhance the school curriculum;
  • introduce children to a work ethic that will prepare them for independent study and a competitive work place;
  • apply and extend their learning without the close supervision of class teachers;
  • provide guidance on how you can support learning at home;
  • take a positive role in the local community to include building partnerships that enhance and enrich children’s school experience;
  • maintain close links with our local church and provide a daily act of collective worship;
  • endeavour to help with any concerns that you have about your child’s pastoral or academic needs.

As a Family, I/we will:

  • make sure that my child arrives at school on time, ready for the day (just before 8.45);
  • make sure that my child attends school, regularly, informing the school promptly when they are unable to attend;
  • make sure that my child comes to school with all resources needed including but not exclusive to school uniform, school PE Kit (indoor and outdoor), swimming kit (when needed), book bag (including reading book, letters, slips etc.) and homework etc.;
  • support my child’s academic progress by making sure that they complete all homework assignments, read every day and learn maths facts and spellings;
  • keep informed about the life of the school by reading newsletters etc.;
  • attend parent’s evenings and read annual reports;
  • support the school’s behaviour policy;
  • work positively with the school keeping them informed of any concerns;
  • support the school’s policy on attendance by: -
  • not take holidays during term time
  • attempt to make medical appointments out of school hours.

As a pupil, I will:

  • come to school every day at the right time;
  • bring the things I need;
  • wear the school uniform and keep my appearance as smart as possible;
  • follow the class rules and do as I am told;
  • do my best work and try my hardest;
  • tell a grown-up if I am unhappy or upset;
  • do my homework and read every day before or after school and at the weekends;
  • be polite, kind and helpful (Kind Hands, Kind Words and Kind Feet);
  • take care of my school and my surroundings;
  • keep my brain busy over the school holidays.