St Peters CofE Primary

Welcome to Reception 2021

Welcome to the new Robin and Kookaburra children at St. Peter's C of E Primary School! We can't wait to meet you and to get to know your child and your family over the coming years.


Meet the Team

We are so excited to meet the new Robin and Kookaburra children. Here is a video to introduce ourselves to the children and say a big hello to them. 


Story time with your new teacher!

We wanted to read you some of our favourite stories. We hope you enjoy them.


Information about starting Reception 


Here is a child friendly printable copy of our 'Starting Reception Story' to share with your child / children. 

 Click to enlarge the document. 


What you will need to start school

Below is a poster showing you all of the things you will need when your child starts Reception. 

Click to enlarge the poster.


Virtual Tour

If your child would like to have a look around the setting we have created two class virtual tours so that they can familiarise themselves with our environment.

Select your child's new class to have a look inside their new classroom and around the different outside areas.