St Peters CofE Primary


Our governing body is a friendly team of community members, staff and parents who work together in supporting our school in all aspects of its work, all working towards providing the best education for our children. Governors get to know the school by arranging visits to the school during school hours to meet with staff and children to gain a proper understanding of our strengths and where there are areas for development. They access induction and have the opportunity to attend training and development events to enhance their knowledge and understanding.

Governors work with staff to help develop meet targets set in the School Improvement Plan every year. The average time commitment is approx. 6-8 hours per term.

Being a governor means attending full governing body meetings (one per term) and joining one of the following sub-committees which also meet once per term:

  • Resource Committee
  • Pupil Provision Committee

We currently have some Governor vacancies in our governing body. If you have time to give to school and you are interested in becoming a governor, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out your details in the form below and our Clerk to Governors will be in touch. 

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In this section, outline: Why you would like to become a governor at our school, what skills you can bring to the role and what you hope to achieve as a governor.