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Meet the Staff

The staff at St.Peter's Church of England Primary School are a dedicated and hard working group who all want the very best for the children in their care.

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Nursery Team

Reception Team

KS1 Team

LKS2 Team

UKS2 Team

Office Team

Lunchtime and Cleaning Team

The Senior Leadership Team

Mr Alister Meredith

Mr Meredith is our new Headteacher, joining St Peter's from January 2021




Miss Genny Oliver

Deputy Head and SENDCO

Miss Oliver is returning to her role of Deputy Head at St Peter's, from January 2021 having spend the past year as Acting Head. As part of her SENCO role she is responsible for Inclusion and helps provide cover for teachers when they have their planning time. She likes singing, stories and the seaside. She is very eco friendly and helps us think about how we can look after our planet. Miss Oliver does lots for the children beyond the school day and is often to be found at Bristol Zoo!

Mrs Pippa Jones

Assistant Head in charge of CPD, NQTs and Initial Teacher Training.

KS1 Phase Leader.

Reading Recovery Teacher and ECaR lead.

Mrs Jones arranges CPD for the whole school making sure that our staff team are one of the best trained teams who are always up to date with current research and best practice. Mrs Jones is a Reading Recovery Teacher alongside Miss Barrett and leads a dedicated team of 'Boosting Reading in Primary' teachers and class teachers. It is her mission to make sure the vast majority of children read fluently by the end of KS1. Mrs Jones loves her job and is incredibly proud of the children and staff at St Peter's. She also does a wonderful job working with and organising our school choir.

Miss Alanna Reed

Assistant Head in charge of Teaching and Learning

Curriculum leader 

Miss Reed can be found in classrooms all over the school working with teachers and children but will also be one of the teachers of Puffins class in Terms 1 and 2 this year. She has a quirky sense of humour and likes to play silly games. Miss Reed is also responsible for our school curriculum. Miss Reed runs the summer fayres as well as being responsible for organising the after school club timetable and making sure all trips and visits happen safely. She absolutely loves the outdoors, enjoys climbing, skiing and cycling.

Ms Deb Skuse

Pastoral and Safeguarding Lead

Ms Skuse is part of the SLT and she helps eveyone to listen to children to keep them safe as part of her safeguarding/child protection role. She will be supporting families in lots of different ways; including talking to parents and carers about improving childrens attendance; we are all hoping to reach our school attendance target of 97% Ms Skuse runs a group for parents and carers called the Nurture Parenting Programme and is happy to share ideas and experience of managing childrens behaviour. Out of school she loves the outdoors and camping. She is also in two book clubs which keep her busy reading. Ms Skuse has a dog called Sonny, who is our school 'Pets as Therapy' Dog and you will sometimes see him around school. He is calm and friendly and likes listening to children read to him.

Click here to see Sonny's Pets as Therapy certificate.

Click here to view Sonny's flyer pack with information about him!

Mrs Andryan 

Mrs Andryan is our new School Business Manager. She is responsible for ensuring all nonā€teaching aspects of the school run efficiently and effectively and is a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

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The Nursery Team

Mrs Niki Smith

Mrs Smith is the teacher in Ducklings this year. She was the student teacher in the Ducklings class 4 years ago and she is so happy to be back! She has previously worked one to one, provided PPA cover in Year 2 and was the lead practitioner in Ducklings last year.

Miss Sarah West

Miss West is an LSA with the children in Nursery group 2, for the second half of the week. She has lots of experience supporting children across the school and is excited about working with our youngest children this year.


Mrs Jess Reynolds

Mrs Reynolds has worked across KS1 and EYFS for a number of years and she is looking forward to be working in the Nursery full time this year. She spends lunch time with the children, ensuring that they have a great playtime, develop their social skills and she encourages healthy eating. Mrs Reynolds really enjoys gardening and planting and last year she created an amazing allotment in the nursery outside area! She grew tomatoes, swede, cabbage, sweet peas and much, much more! Outside of school she loves spending time with her family and her two little sausage dogs! She also loves running and exploring the great outdoors.

Ms Karen Woodall

Ms Woodall is familiar face in our KS1 building, working with the children across the whole of KS1 and EYFS. From September Ms. Woodall will be returning to nursery as the the Lead Practitioner.

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The Reception Team

Mrs Lucy Knowles

EYFS Curriculum Leader (joint)

Mrs Knowles is one of the teachers in Kookaburras this year, job sharing with Mrs Watts. Mrs Knowles is used to working with children across the Early Years and Key Stage 1. She loves baking and is looking forward to sharing her fabulous cooking skills in reception.

Mrs Sarah Watts

EYFS Curriculum Leader (joint)

Mrs Watts is job sharing with Mrs Knowles in the Kookaburras. She has lots of experience working with children across the whole school. She loves playing hockey and going camping and to the beach and park with her children. 

Mrs Danielle Torrington

Mrs Torrington is the teacher of Robin class. She loves being creative, reading stories and going on adventures! Outside of school she loves visiting new places with her family and being outdoors. Before working at St Peter's she was lucky enough to be able to volunteer in primary schools across the world and has taught children in Nepal and The Gambia! 

Mrs Kelly Sheppard

Mrs Sheppard is a LSA working with the children in the Kookaburras class and has lots of experience in working with children within the EYFS curriculum. Mrs Sheppard enjoys watching and helping the children learn new skills. She has lots of great ideas to make learning interesting and fun.

Mrs Carly Bidwell

Mrs Bidwell is the LSA in Robins class. She enjoys reading and exploring. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family in their caravan.


Mrs Miriam Quick

Mrs Quick is joining the reception team this year to help with interventions across Robins and Kookaburras.



Mrs Shelley Reeson

Mrs Reeson is working with Reception as an LSA this year.



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The KS1 Team

Miss Lottie Paul

Miss Paul is the class teacher in Kingfishers. She leads the Junior Leadership Teams across the whole school, focusing primarily on Pupil Voice. She helps Pupil Voice organise whole school fundraising events such as Children in Need.

She also works alongside Miss O'Connell and Mr MacDonald with PE events. When she is not in school, she loves captaining her hockey team!

Mrs Stacey Hacker - maternity leave

Mrs Hacker is the class teacher in Doves. Reading is one of her favourite things to do. Any chance she gets, she will be sharing a story with her class! 



Miss Lauren Westlake

Miss Westlake has joined the Year 1 team as the class teacher of Doves while Mrs Hacker is on maternity leave.

Mr Rob Lee

Mr Lee teaches the Kestrels class. He is brilliant on the BBQ, a keen cyclist and is always smiling and full of life! His favourite musical is 'High school Musical' and he knows all the words to the songs and all the dance moves! Ask him for a demo!


Miss Cally Barrett

Miss Barrett is our Reading Recovery teacher and provides class cover across the school. She will be sharing some of the teaching in Owls class with Mrs Brimblecombe. Miss Barrett is really passionate about our planet and works really hard with our 'Eco Warriors' with recycling and helping our school be as Eco-friendly as possible.

Mrs Lucy Brimblecombe

Mrs Brimblecombe is the class teacher in Owls class this year. She has taught across the school and is excited about joining the year 2 team this year. Mrs Brimblecombe has a passion for singing and dancing and can't wait to get the children performing soon!

Miss Jade Brooks 

Miss Brooks works closely with the year 1 children as an LSA, particularly with Doves to help with their learning. 



Mrs Lisa Jenkins

Mrs Jenkins has been working with the children at St Peter's Nursery for many years and is carry on her new role as an LSA in year 1 this year. 


Mrs Nic Baker

Mrs Baker is an LSA supporting children in Year 1.



Miss Nicky Parker

Miss Parker is a LSA working across both year 2 classes and is also one of the Year 2 PPA cover teachers.


Miss Lisa Sanders

Miss Sanders works 1:1 and in small groups with children in year 2.



Mrs Kim Harrington

Mrs Harrington is joining the Year 1 LSA team this year.




Miss Stacy Williams

Miss Williams is one of our team of Apprentice Learning Support Assistants.


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The LKS2 Team

Miss Hannah Weston - maternity leave from June 2020

LKS2 Phase Leader

Miss Weston is the LKS2 Phase leader and the class teacher in Parrots class. She is a lively and enthusiastic member of staff who loves working with children. Herself and Mrs Morris run PE, lead the games makers and take us to lots of tournaments - they both work incredibly hard and got St Peter's the Platinum Mark Sport's Award this year! Outside of school she is a keen netballer and once played for England in the youth team.

Mr James Walker 

LKS2 Phase Leader

Mr Walker is the class teacher of Puffins class this year. He is also a Talk4Writing coach and he loves to read! 


Miss Jenny Foster

Miss Foster is the year 3 Pelicans class teacher. Miss Foster is fluent in French and enjoys helping the children learn French vocabulary. 


Mrs Toni Thomas

Mrs Thomas is the class teacher in Penguins Year 4 Class.  Mrs Thomas is one of our team of lead Maths teachers in school and enjoys challenging the children to their time tables on 'Times Table Rockstars'! Mrs Thomas also leads on History across the school.

Mr Ben MacDonald

Mr MacDonald is the class teacher in Year 3 Parrots class this year.



Mrs Anna Phillips

Miss Phillips has spent the past few years as an LSA supporting interventions in EYFS and Year 1 and now works as an LSA across Year 4.  She makes sure the first aid supplies and medical records are up to date in school. Mrs Phillips loves Christmas and is known for her infectious laugh, bubbly personality and her beautiful singing voice.

Miss Zoe Templeman

Miss Templeman is joining the LKS2 LSA team this year.




Miss Lauren Moxham-Mead

Miss Moxham-Mead is one of the LSAs in Year 4 this year.




Miss Tammy Leppier

Miss Leppier has been an SMSA at St Peter's for many years and is joining the LSA team for this year.



Mrs Kelly Puddy

Mrs Puddy is joining the Year 3 LSA team this year.




Mrs Carly Nicholas

Mrs Nicholas works as an LSA with the children across LKS2 but predominantly in Year 4. Mrs Nicholas is a keen artist and has spent time in school previously doing illustration workshops with the children.


Mrs Lisa Wootten

Mrs Wootten will be one of the LSA team supporting children in year 2 from September. Mrs Wootten helps all of the KS1 children at dinner time making sure that they have lots of friends to play with and that they eat a healthy, balanced meal.

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The UKS2 Team

Mrs Julie Hearn

UKS2 Phase Leader

Mrs Hearn is the UKS2 Phase Leader and the class teacher in Year 6 Toucans. Mrs Hearn is a brilliant musician and loves playing piano when the children sing in service! She leads Music, RE and Collective Worship and makes sure that we all have a different ideas to explore our school values.

Mrs Soo Jackson

Mrs Jackson is the class teacher in Year 6 Phoenix class this year.



Mrs Jess Griffiths - maternity leave from October 2020

Mrs Griffiths is an experienced teacher who enjoys music and sport. She also speaks lots of different languages! 



Miss Faye O'Connell

Miss O'Connell is the teacher of Year 5 Flamingos Class. She is one of the Lead Maths teachers and is the the Art and Design subject leader and loves all things creative and messy. Miss O'Connell runs our street dance club which competes in stages each year.  She's the one to see to learn some funky new dance moves to impress your friends at the next school disco.

Miss Louise Ing

Miss Ing is the class teacher in Year 5 Emus this year.




Mrs Ann-Marie Payne

Mrs Payne works in KS2 and she also spends a lot of time with our families at FAB (Families are Brilliant). She is creative and works hard on displays across the school. If you would like to get more involved in the school or would like to link up with other families then Mrs Payne is the person to speak to. Mrs Payne can also be found running Breakfast Club every morning during school time.

Mrs Tracy Anderson

Mrs Anderson will be an LSA working across KS2 this year. She is a great organiser and keeps the school in ship shape and Bristol fashion! Mrs Anderson is a keen (and brilliant!) cook and can often be found in our school cookery room, cooking up some wonderful and healthy treats with children across the school.

Miss Leah Hopkins

Miss Hopkins is one of our team of Apprentice Learning Support Assistants and can also be found helping Miss Weston and Mrs Morris with the sporting life of the school.


Miss Jade Owen

Miss Owen is joining the UKS2 team this year as a HLTA working with Year 6.



Mr Jorge Villares

Mr Villares is one of the LSAs joining the UKS2 team this year. He loves sports and can be found getting involved with all aspects of the sporting life at St Peters.


Mrs Karen Hill

Mrs Hill works as part of the KS2 LSA intervention team.




Mrs Louise Kautz

Mrs Kautz works as one of the KS2 LSA intervention team. Mrs Kautz enjoys spending time in her garden and can be found helping the gardening club in school. She loves spending time with her granddaughter outside of school.


Mrs Kathryn Allwood  - SENDCO

NoneMrs Allwood in the SENDCo, working alongside Miss Oliver helping to implement SEN provisions throughout the school. Mrs Allwood enjoys gardening and often runs a gardening club in the summer terms.

If you would like to book an appointment to meet with Mrs Allwood or Miss Oliver, you can do so by calling the office.

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The Office Team

Ms Cherise Andryan

Ms Andryan joins St Peter's in January 2021 as our School Business Manager.

Mrs Sharon Thomas

Mrs Thomas is one of our Clerical Assistants working in the main office.



Mrs Amy Hillman

Mrs Hillman is our Primary Administrator who works in the main office. Mrs Hillman is a fantastic organiser and is responsible for a lot of finance aspect within the school.



Mrs Sam Grainger

 Mrs Grainger is our Family Support Worker. Mrs Grainger works closely with Ms Skuse in this role and will help to provide support for our children and their families.

She is also our Clerk to Governors.


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Lunchtimes and Cleaning

Mr Steve Worgan

Mr Worgan is our Site Manager. He helps to ensure that our site is safe, tidy and clean. He is very organised and keeps all of the different projects moving along with speed.


Mr Mike Godfrey

Mr Godfrey is the assistant caretaker and he does a great job at helping Mr Worgan keep our school site safe, tidy and clean.



Our team of SMSAs:

Tara King

Nicola Romero

Emma Dorrington

Tina Rogers

Laura Treharne

Tammy Leppier (first aid)

Lisa Greenslade (also Breakfast Club)

Louise Simpson

Alison Papworth (also Breakfast Club)

Lorna Papworth

Helena Cummins

Charlotte Edwards

Kelly Marsh

Our team of SMSAs support us at dinner time and make sure that we have a fun, safe and happy playtime. However, any questions about lunchtime must be brought to the attention of the class teacher and not directly to the SMSAs.

The team of people in the Kitchen work for Chartwells to provide us with healthy lunches and a range of breakfast foods / tuck foods.

Our cleaners:

Sam James

Louise Simpson

Emma Dorrington

Nicky Romero

Helen Parsons

Craig Stott

Mike Godfrey

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