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ATTENDANCE is important

Our school attendance target this year is 97%

Please help us to achieve this goal. 

We take a really strong approach to attendance in school and we ask that you commit to not taking your child(ren) out of school during term time schools hours for holidays or medical appointments.

When your child cannot come into school

Please ring and leave a message on 0117 3772186

Or email

By 9.15a.m. each morning

We need to know that your child is safe if not in school

How can we work together?

We appreciate that family life can be complex and there may be issues that directly or indirectly affect school attendance; we believe we can offer excellent support that really makes a difference. It is important that you have the opportunity to tell us how we can work together to improve attendance and support your child.

Did you know? By law Parents/carers can be issued a penalty fine or be prosecuted under section 444 of the Education Act 1996 for poor attendance at school.

Please click here for the absence in term time request form

Please click here for our attendance leaflet

 Please click here to see our morning routines poster

Emus (year 5) designed an attendance poster which is on display around school this term (June 2019)

Here are some children from Emus who visited classes to share their ideas about getting to school on time every day.




Attendance and Safeguarding Champions

Children with outstanding attendance can apply for this Junior Leadership role. One of their many responsibilities is to deliver bilbos to all children each term; find out more about bilbos later on. They are also helping to design an attendance top tips leaflet for families. Here are some of our champions for the school year 2018/19:

y6 champions  y5 champions ks1 champions

We are in the process of recruiting Attendance and Safeguarding Champions for 2019/2020. 

We have many rewards in school to encourage excellent attendance. What do you think? Please let us know.

Here is a reminder of our incentives for this school year 2019/2020

  Weekly Class Attendance

One of the children named this bear Jog the dog. Each week, he is awarded to the class(es) with the fewest number of late morning arrivals. That class then has an extra play! Some children made a voice recording for Jog the Dog, he says "Don't be late, school is great."

 Jog the dog   Be here bunny

One of the children named this bear Be here bunny. Each week, he is awarded to the class(es) with the best attendance. That class also has an extra play! The voice recording for Be Here Bunny says "Come to school every day, if you're ill don't stay away."

What was your class attendance this week? click here to find out

   Weekly Gate Raffle Winners

In term 1 2018/19 we started a morning punctuality raffle on our school gates. All children in school before 8.45am in raffle day get the chance to win one of six £10 gift cards. Each term we will have at least one raffle. It could be you!

Here are some lucky winners 2018/19



     HW  EG

The punctuality gate raffle continues in 2019/2020 and most weeks there are over 270 children who are in school by 8.45am giving them the chance to win a £10 gift voucher.

Here are our lucky winners so far in term 1. Well done to everyone in school on time.


 100% termly winners - Gold

Every child with 100% attendance in a term has the chance to win a family trip prize, either a trip to Bristol Zoo/The Wild Place, Crazy Climb or Wethecurious.





All children with 100% can choose a special character, called a bilbo or bug, to take home and share; as well as housepoints. 



Here are some amazing children who won the 100% termly reward prize; just for being in school every day in the term. Bristol Zoo is proving to be very popular. In term 5 the lucky winner chose Crazy Climb.




98-99% attendance - Silver

These children all receive a special attendance certificate and are awarded housepoints.



97% attendance - Bronze

Each term we have a raffle for all children with 97% and above attendance. Six lucky winners receive a £10 Onecard gift voucher as well as all important house points.

one card


Here are the term 5 winners:


Best class attendance

At the end of each term, the class with the best attendance have a trip to a local park.


So far these classes have enjoyed this reward:   

 emus owls  

Well done emus, you're going to the park again for fantastic attendance in term 5 - 100%

House with best attendance each term

Term 4: Brunel house have won the house attendance house cup.



Term 5: Brunel have won again! Who will win next term?


What about the children who are in school every day in the school year?

Towards the end of the school year, children with 100% all year have a special trip to the local cinema for a private screening of a current film with a special munch box to eat and drink. In recent years we have seen Beauty and the Beast,The Secret Life of Pets and The Incredibles 2.  Last year there were 40 children with 100% all year. 

In 2018/19 children with 100% had their own screening of The Secret Life of Pets 2 at Cineworld.


Monitoring children's attendance under 92%

We have a first day calling policy where we will contact you by telephone, text and/or email if you do not let us know why your child is absent. 

Each week we monitor children's attendance under 92% you can find out more about how we do this in our attendance leaflet. 

You may be invited into school to meet with us to find out how we can support your child and help him/her be in school on time every day. 

Here is a copy of the Penalty Notice leaflet.