St Peters CofE Primary

Sonny our School Dog

Sonny is our school dog. A school dog can have many benefits, including:

  • Social and emotional development 
  • Calming effect on children
  • Improved behaviour and concentration,
  • Reduced stress and improved self-esteem encouraging expression 
  • Fostering a sense of responsibility
  • Motivating children to think and to learn, as many children have a high level of natural interest in, enthusiasm for and enjoyment of animals
  • Encouraging respect and thereby improving children' relationships with each other, families and staff 
  • Teaching children to nurture and to have respect for life
  • Helping children build confidence in learning 
  • Reducing children’s anxieties if they have a fear of dogs

School Dog

Sonny has lived with Ms Skuse since he was 8 weeks old and is a Labrador/Jack Russell cross breed. He is registered with Pets as Therapy. Sonny has been at St Peter's since he was 4 years old and is now 10 years old. Sonny is a calm, fully socialised and well trained dog who is used to primary school aged children.

Sonny can be found with Ms Skuse in the Windmill and you may have already met him in school. All children receive training about how to care and behave safely around dogs. Obviously, bringing any animal into school is not something to be approached lightly, both for the animal’s sake and for the sake of the children and adults in the school. We have discussed the practicalities, including everything from risk assessments and insurance to dealing with training, doggy toileting and children’s allergies.

It would be helpful to know whether we have any children who are allergic to dog hair, or who have a particular phobia concerning dogs. We believe Sonny enhances our school ethos and the experiences we offer our children. Please see our website for any further information.

If you do not wish your child to have contact with Sonny, or to have contact that allows your child to build confidence with a dog should they have a fear; please email the school office stating your child's name and class.

******** More information about Sonny - coming soon*********