St Peters CofE Primary


On joining our school, all children are put into houses and the staff divided equally among them. These houses are used for sports days, in school competitions and other events. Siblings are put in the same houses.

House points are given for a range of things such as attendance at an after school club, reading at home, completing homework on time, other home leaning tasks such as individual projects, playing a phonics game from the game library, wearing the correct uniform, good attendance etc. Please help your child gain house points by supporting their learning at home.

Keep reading for more information on our school houses:


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Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a famous engineer. He was born in 1806 and died in 1859. Brunel was very clever and loved Maths. He went to Bristol and won a competition in 1831 to build a bridge over the River Avon – the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Brunel was also a great designer of ships and you can visit one of these around the Bristol Harbourside – the SS Great Britain.


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