St Peters CofE Primary


Welcome to Reception

Welcome Robins and Kookaburras!



The Robins class teacher is: is Miss Westlake

The Kookaburra class teachers are: Mrs Watts (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Knowles (Wednesday - Friday).

The support staff are: Mrs Sheppard, Mrs Bidwell and Miss Maqueda



Contact Us

If you have any questions or messages for the Reception team please email us:

Keep up to date with our learning and all of the exciting things we get up to by follow our Reception Twitter page: @StpReception 



New to Reception 

If your child is going to be starting Reception in September 2021 and you would like to find out more information, please click the link below to be taken to our New to Reception page.  

- Starting Reception in September 2021-



Important Messages

Reception Newsletter - Term 6 Week 4

  • We encourage children to read at home as often as possible and we will count 1 read a day towards your child's Reading Karate award!
  • PE is on Monday and Friday! Please ensure your child's PE kits is kept in school. As we will be doing PE outside, please send in jogging bottoms and trainers to stay in the PE bag or send in every Friday. 
  • Each child will have an Interactive Learning Diary. We use to these accounts to communicate with parents and upload observations of your children’s learning. We also welcome your own photos and comments! If you have any trouble accessing your child's account please speak to one of the teachers.  
  • Please ensure you know your child's login information for Microsoft Teams, If your child is self-isolating, this is the platform we will use to keep in touch. Click here to view a Teams step by step guide.  



Key Dates

  • Wednesday 7th July - Reception Summer Fun Day
  • Week Commencing Monday 12th July - Sports Week
  • Friday 16th July - Sports Day
  • Wednesday 16th July - Party Day!
  • Wednesday 21st July - Last Day of Term



Useful Resources

Below are some very helpful links to support your child when learning their Phonic sounds and to support Reading at home. Please ask your child's class teacher if you require any additional information, we are happy to help!



At St Peter's we use Read Write Inc Phonics (RWI) to give your child the best possible start with their literacy.  By the end of Reception we hope your child is confident recognising and using set 1 sounds.

Click the image to enlarge it and view all of the sounds we teach and the special rhymes we use.

To hear the sounds pronounced correctly follow the link below: 



We have created a video presentation to explain how we read with your children in school and to outline all of the important things you can do with your child at home to support their reading development. If you have any further questions please speak to your child's class teacher. Click the button below to watch our Reading video.

Reading Presentation


Key Words

We also focus on learning to read and write high frequency words. In Reception we call these 'Key Words'. Once your child can read all of the words in one set, they will earn a certificate and move onto the next set of words.

Click the image to view all of the Reception Key Words or follow the link here.

eBooks | Raintree


Online Reading Books

For more reading books follow the link below and log in using the username and password provided by your child's class teacher.

Filter the reading books by colour band to match their school reading level. 



What's happening this year?

Below is a short overview of what will happen each term in Reception this year.


Term 1 - Marvellous Me

In term one our topic is ‘Marvellous Me’. We spend a lot of time getting to know each other and learning to play and share with our friends. We also learn to look after resources and learn our classroom routines. Throughout our topic we will learn lots about ourselves. We will talk about our families, our bodies and our homes.


Term 2 - Off We Go!

This term our topic is called 'Off we go!' We will be learning about different modes of transport, holidays and the different journeys we make on land, sea and in the air! Along the way we will be learning about different cultures and countries.   


Term 3 - Once Upon A Time

In this topic we share lots of different traditional tales. We learn the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We will learn all about pigs – what they eat and where they live. This topic is the perfect opportunity to become familiar with the repetition and rhyme of lots of our favourite stories. We will practise our construction skills and test different materials and see which will keep out that pesky wolf!


Term 4 - Fabulous Food and Dazzling Drinks

In this term we share lots of fantastic stories including Handa's Surprise, The Shopping Basket, The Royal Dinner, Ketchup on your Cornflakes and much more. We kick off our topic with a cocktail party and a taste testing workshop which is a great fun. Near the end of the term we have our Health Week and Sports Days! 


Term 5 - Everyday Heroes

During this topic, we learn about everyday Superheroes who help to keep us safe and look after us when we are ill. We think about how we can all be superheroes!   


Term 6 - Under the sea

‘Rainbow Fish’ is the book we focus on when starting our topic ‘Under the Sea.’ There are lots of wet children and teachers during this topic as we investigate water and creatures that live under the sea! We explore real fish and discuss what we know about the sea side.