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Welcome to Reception

Welcome to the Robins and the Kookaburras!

The class teacher in the Robins is Mrs Elle Torrington

The class teachers in the Kookaburras are Mrs Sarah Watts (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Lucy Knowles (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). 

Also working in the Kookaburras are Mrs Kelly Sheppard and Mrs Carly Bidwell will be working in Robins. Ms Woodall will be working across both classes and Nursery.



Reception Reading meeting - if you were unable to make our "Reading in Reception" meeting, the slides are at the bottom of this page.

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Term 1 - Marvellous Me

In term one our topic is ‘Marvellous Me!’. We spend lots of time getting to know each other and learning to play and share with our friends. We also learn to look after resources and learn our classroom routines. Throughout our topic we will learn lots about ourselves. We will talk about our families, our bodies and our homes.


Term 2 - Magical Moments

It’s time to explore the school including the secret garden, the playground and the huge field. Together we will go on Autumn walks so bring your wellies. We discover the dark den and find different ways to light it up. Throughout this topic, we discover the magic and wonder of the start of winter and all the festivals and celebrations too. We will perform our own Nativity and take part in lots of Christmas activities.    

 Wriggly Nativity by Peter Fardell

Published by Starshine Music (www.starshine,co,uk)


Term 3 - Once Upon A Time

In this topic we share lots of different traditional tales. We learn the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We will learn all about pigs – what they eat and where they live. This topic is the perfect opportunity to become familiar with the repetition and rhyme of lots of our favourite stories. We will practise our construction skills and test different materials and see which will keep out that pesky wolf!


Term 4 - Dangerous Dinosaurs!

 During this topic we will become paleontologists and search for dinosaur bones and fossils in the sand! We learn about different types of dinosaurs and their names even creating our own dinosaurs and dinosaur names. We learn and retell dinosaur stories and create a papier mache dinosaur world.


Term 5 - Under the sea

‘Rainbow Fish’ is the book we focus on when starting our topic ‘Under the Sea.’ There are lots of wet children and teachers during this topic as we investigate water and creatures that live under the sea! We explore real fish and discuss what we know about the sea side.


Term 6 - Fabulous Food and Dazzling Drinks

We kick off our topic with a cocktail party which is a great fun. We share lots of fantastic stories including Handa's Surprise, The Shopping Basket, The Royal Dinner, Ketchup on your Cornflakes and much more. We have a great opportunity to visit a supermarket where we read a shopping list, collect items of food and pay at the till.We will also be working with Ducklings and Year 1 to prepare children for their transition. Near the end of the term we have our Health Week and Sports Days!