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Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to the Doves and Kingfishers!

The class teachers in the Doves are Mrs Hacker and Miss Westlake.
From Term 2, Miss Westlake is taking over Doves Class while Mrs Hacker works from home supporting Year 1 before starting her maternity leave in February.

The class teacher in the Kingfishers is Miss Paul

Mrs Jenkins is supporting in Doves and Mrs Baker is supporting in Kingfishers. Miss Brooks is supporting across both classes through interventions.
Children may have additional reading support from Mrs Jones or Miss Barrett.

Year group email: 

Year group Twitter page: @stpetersy1 

Please also log in to Microsoft Teams to see photographs of your child's learning and read posts from the class teachers. If you are self-isolating, this is where all of our home learning activities are saved each week. Click here to see step by step guidance on how to use Teams. 

Term 1 - Alien Landing

Our topic this term was 'Alien Landing'. We launched our topic by finding an alien crash site in the playground! We spent the rest of the day doing alien activities such as making fruit rockets, and designing our own aliens using a variety of materials. We love our new topic! 













Neil Armstrong   

We were so excited to discover facts about Neil Armstrong on our trim trail! We learnt about who Neil Armstrong is and why he is important. We then created our own fact pages about him, writing up the facts we found most interesting.


Alien WOW Day!

We all loved dressing up as aliens or astronauts for our Alien WOW Day! We spent the day doing alien themed activities. We loved doing some alien arts and crafts and had lots of fun drawing aliens using Doodle Buddy on the iPads. 



This term we learnt about the primary and secondary colours. We found that if mixed two primary colours together, we could create one of the secondary colours. We tried to predict which one we would create! 



We really enjoyed independently exploring the properties of different materials. We found out which materials were waterproof/absorbent, transparent/opaque, magnetic, flexible, hard/soft, and stretchy/stiff. 



Thankful Day 

At the end of term, we had a 'Thankful Day'. We learnt about the word gratitude and then made cards for our friends in the other Year 1 Class. It was lovely to spend time on these and then hand them out to each other in the playground. We were thankful that our friends played games with us, looked after us and were safe in the playground.


Term 2 - Light and Dark 

Our topic this term was 'Light and Dark'. We launched this topic by discovering an owl nest in our classroom and unwrapping the book 'Owl Babies'. We also made our own owl masks!

Shadow Puppets

We learnt that shadows are created when light is blocked by a solid object and that light travels in straight lines. We learnt that some objects reflect light and that some objects are transparent and let light through. We explored using torches to create shadow puppets on the table then created our own puppets out of paper and stencils of animals.


Diva lamps

We learnt about the festival and story of Diwali then created our own Diva lamps out of clay and decorated them. 




We made our own Christingles this year. Although we couldn't take them to the church we enjoyed learning about what a Christingle represents.


We have loved our Christmas activities this year! We've worn Christmas jumpers into school, made Christmas hats and place mats for our Christmas lunch, made Christmas decorations and worked on Christmas art challenges as a class.