St Peters CofE Primary

Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to the Kestrels and Owls class page. 


The Kestrels class teacher is: Mr Lee

The Owls class teachers are: Miss O'Connell (Mon-Wed) & Miss Barrett (Wed-Fri)

The support staff are: Miss Bidgood, Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Greenslade, Miss Jeffery, Miss Sanders & Mrs Lamarque


Year 2 Curriculum 


Contact Us

If you have any questions or messages for the Reception team please email us:


Important Messages

  • We encourage children to read at home as often as possible and we will count 1 read a day towards your child's Reading Karate award!
  • Please ensure your child's PE kits is kept in school everyday. If your child wears tights to school they will need an extra pair of socks to wear for PE.
  • Please ensure you know your child's login information for Microsoft Teams.


What's happening this year?

Below is a short overview of what will happen each term in Year 2 this year.

Term 1

To welcome the children back after the summer break and to make sure that they feel safe and secure for the new year, we start off the term with fun, team - building activities that set out the roles, responsibilities and routines for the year ahead.   

During this term, the classes focus on the Talk for Writing story ‘Sophie’s Sprite Adventures’ and we might even be lucky enough to have fairies visit our classrooms!

In maths, we concentrate on the place value of  2 digit numbers and begin to look at addition and subtraction methods.

We also compare human and physical features represented on a local map, create our own maps with compass directions for geography. We examine the properties of every day materials for science and examine creation stories for Religious Education - asking the question "How was the Earth made?"

Term 2 

Term 2 brings our first history learning for the year.  We have the chance to learn about the Great Fire of London, by studying primary and secondary sources of the Great Fire. We look at pictures, read diaries and even meet Samuel Pepys, before using our learning as a writing stimulus for our own diaries and recounts. 

For DT we build models of Tudor Houses and consider how to strengthen the joints. In Science we study balanced diet, health and hygiene and the things that animals need to survive. 

Maths this term continues addition and subtraction methods, solving practical problems. While in RE we study what is meant by Incarnation and Why Christmas is a special time for Christians.

At the end of this term, we  bravely show off our performance skills by taking the lead in the school's nativity.

Term 3 

Throughout this term, we look at the theme of belonging. We consider the clubs and communities that we belong to and we think about why it is important to feel like we belong. 

This term's writing is supported by the Fairy Tale of Snow White and we consider the heroes and villains of traditional tales. We introduce multiplication and division to the children in maths and in Science we study the definition of living and non-living things.

We build a time line of Bristol and look at some important events in Bristol's past including how it got its name. 

Things can get a little messy this term when we use different shapes and patterns with clay to create texture in out models.

Term 4 

The writing this term is inspired by the Wishing Tale of "Lila and the Secret of Rain."  We look at the climate and features of Africa and we write reports about an animal of our choice.  

Fractions, time, money and other practical maths are the order of the term. 

As Easter approaches, we think about spring, rebirth and resurrection. This term allows us to use the cookery room to cook pancakes filled with healthy choices. 

Term 5 

We will be taking a walk on the wild side during this topic and focus on the classic story ‘Where the Wild Things are’. We will have many adventures including forest school, den building, making tree spirits, eating and dancing by the fire! We will also get the chance to use our geography skills and look at the world map to identify different forests and jungles around the world.

Term 6  

Pull on your armour and prepare for battle as you meet knights, dragons, jesters and royalty! We will learn about the people who lived and worked in castles and the bloody battles that ensued! We will get the chance to innovate the story of ‘George and the Dragon’ and use our imaginations to create our own characters and settings. We also hope to visit historic Chepstow Castle and hear from a real knight, Lady and falconer!

This is also the term when we put on our swimming costumes and take the plunge at Hengrove Baths.

At the end of this term we have health week and some reflection time over a brilliant year's learning. We start thinking about the exciting times ahead and meet our new teacher for year 3.