St Peters CofE Primary


Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Pelicans and Parrots! 


The class teachers in Pelicans are: Mrs Torrington (Mon-Thur) & Mr Herniman (Fri)

The class teacher in Parrots is: Mr Scott

The support staff are: Miss Parker & Miss Leppier


Contact Us

To avoid congestion at drop-off and pick-up, each year group now has a dedicated email address. We will endeavour to respond to your messages as soon as we can, although this may take up to 3 working days. Email us at 


Important Information

  • This term P.E. will be on a Monday and Tuesday. Children will need full kit (appropriate for outside conditions) on these days. 
  • All children should have their own named bottle for water. They will have regular opportunities to refill it during the day. 
  • At break times, we no longer provide fruit in the Juniors. Children may bring their own healthy snack for break time if they wish. 


Key Dates


What is happening this year?

Below is a short overview of what will be happening in each term in Year 3. 

Term 1

Term 1 begins with a wellbeing week designed to help our children settle into their new classes, new routines and build relationships with their new teachers and classmates. It will be a great chance for children to feel secure, take ownership over their classroom and therefore feel ready to learn.

Our key books and texts this term will be 'Goram and Ghyston', 'The Wild Robot' and 'Danny and the Bigfoot'. In maths we will be focusing on place value then addition and subtraction. History will teach us all about the Stone Age where we will discover how life was different and what evidence has been found to support this. We have a fantastic opportunity to take the children to a gymnastics centre in Bristol with their trained coaches and will also be working alongside Bristol City. Science focuses on light this term and RE revisits the story of creation. PSHE's unit is 'Being me in my world" and in French we will learn basic introductions. Every term we will also have the opportunity to learn a skill within cooking and nutrition and develop skills within computing and music. 

Term 2

 For term 2, our class story is 'The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. For our writing, we will be using two texts called 'Scarlett the Spy' and 'Spy Pen 3000'. 

In maths, we will be finishing our unit on addition and subtraction before beginning multiplication and division. 

This term we have Geography and Art. In Geography we are learning about the differences between towns, villages and cities, considering the pros and cons of living in these different areas and learning about human and physical geography. In art, we are expanding our knowledge of colour theory, practicing sketching and shading and exploring how we can create different tints, shades and tones. 

In PSHE, our focus is Celebrating Differences, and in RE we are learning about incarnation - learning about baptism and the Holy Trinity. In Science, we are learning all about forces and magnets. 

During December, we will be inviting families to our Carol concerts in the church and also holding our school Christmas fayre and Christmas market. 

Term 3

 This term, our class story is 'Planet Omar' and in English, we will be using 'How to Steal a Camel' and 'The Magic Paintbrush' to help develop and improve our writing. 

In maths, we will be continuing multiplication and division, learning different strategies to help us solve these questions and also learning about the link between the two. 

This term, we have History and DT and will be learning all about the Ancient Egptians. We will be planning, creating and evaluation Egyptian collars, joining fabric and materials together using needle and thread. Computing will be very exciting this term with children working in teams to create everything they need to create a short stop-motion video using iPads and clay models. 

In PSHE, our focus is Dreams and Goals, and in RE we will be thinking about how religion can help inspire people to make good choices, and what does right and wrong mean. In Science, we will be learning about Rocks and Fossils.

At the end of Term 3, we will have 'Children's Mental Health Week', including an internet safety day. We will be focusing on wellbeing and mental health using advice from the NHS to support our children to understand how to look after themselves and understand their emotions. This will build upon the work we do every Wednesday, every term (Wellbeing Wednesday). 

Term 4

 This term our key text is 'The Iron Man'. This is the story we will be reading in class as well as using it in our English to help write and improve stories. We will also be using a text called 'robots' to help us with our writing. 

In maths, we are starting the term looking at measuring (cm, mm and m) then moving onto fractions. This term we will have Geography and Art, focusing upon earthquakes, volcanoes and collages. 

In PSHE, our focus is Relationships and in RE we are learning about Easter and Holy Week, discussing why the day Jesus died is referred to as 'Good Friday'. In Science, we are learning all about Plants.

This term we will have World Book Day and also be celebrating Red Nose Day. We will have a trip to the library to meet an author and will also visit our local church to do some activities and learning with Tim and Katie. Families are then invited to attend the church the following Sunday (5th March) to see what the children have worked on and share some snacks and drinks!

Term 5

 In Term 5 we will continue learning about fractions. We will compare and order fractions and begin to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. This includes:

  - counting up and down in tenths and connecting tenths to dividing by 1s

 - using unit and non-unit fractions

 - understanding equivalent fractions, that is fractions that have the same value such as huge \frac{2}{5} huge \frac{4}{10}.

Our Talk for Writing story this term is called The Lake - A Warning Tale!  We will learn how to describe a dangerous setting and explore how a story might unfold if our main characters ignore an important warning.  Our non fiction unit will see us discuss whether our story character, Mrs Mac was too strict on the children!

This term in PE, we are very lucky to have weekly training sessions taught by sports coaches from Bristol City Football Club and we will also get the chance to visit a swimming pool and learn swim - a brilliant life skill!

We have a very exciting term ahead of us! We will spend time investigating Ancient Greece in History, design and make our own Moving Mascots in Design Technology, explore the biology of animals including humans in Science, in PSHE our focus is 'Changing Me' and finally in RE, we will examine different types of religious and non-religious celebrations and festivals!

Term 6

 Coming Soon