St Peters CofE Primary


Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Emus and Flamingos


The class teacher in Emu Class is: Mr MacDonald

The class teacher in Flamingo Class is: Mrs Thomas

The support staff are: Miss Bell, Miss Edwards, Mrs Bae & Miss Foster.


Year 5 Curriculum 




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Important Messages

  • This term, PE is on  Thursday and Friday for Emus and Flamingos. Children need to have their full kit in on these days (appropriate for outside conditions) including a pair of trainers.
  • Please ensure you know your child's login information for Microsoft Teams, If you are self-isolating, this is where all of our home learning activities are saved each week. Click here to view a Teams step by step guide. 


What's happening this year?

Below is a short overview of what will happen each term in Year 5 this year.

Term 1 and 2 - Childhood Through the Ages

We look at how the lives of children have changed throughout history focusing on living conditions, schooling, child labour and the Industrial Revolution through immersion days and trips! This topic includes an amazing trip to the Blaise Castle Estate and to Big Pit.  Our classrooms are transformed a school from the past with tables in rows, displays covered in black and slates to write. Children get to experience first hand what life was like as a Victorian child in school and in the workhouse. Towards the end of the topic, we read A Christmas Carol and have a go at writing our own ghosts stories.   

 Term 3 - The Chocolate Factory

For this topic, we become master chocolatiers as we take part in a variety of science, technology and mathematical challenges in order to create our own chocolate bars and packaging. Best of all, we enjoy a visit to a real-life Chocolate Factory! 

Term 4 and 5 - Heroes and Villains

For this topic, we study Ancient Greece and join Percy Jackson as he battles Medusa, comes head-to-head with a Cyclops and befriends a satyr.  We look at what makes a hero and a villain and consider who the hero is in our own lives. During this topic, we also prepare and perform our class play Jason and The Golden Fleece.

Term 6 - Disasters!

In this exciting topic, we explore a range of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes! We write from the perspective of a survivor and report on what causes these terrible, yet fascinating events.  We recreate disasters in science experiments and understand what causes them as well as the destruction they cause.