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Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Emus and Flamingos


The class teacher in Emu Class is: Mr MacDonald

The class teacher in Flamingo Class is: Mr Hearn

The support staff are: Miss Kautz, Mrs Wootten & Miss Bloomfield



Year 5 Curriculum 



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Important Messages

  • This term, PE is on Monday  and Thursday for Emus and Flamingos. Children need to have their full kit in on these days (appropriate for outside conditions) including a pair of trainers.
  • Please ensure you know your child's login information for Microsoft Teams.


What's happening this year?

Below is a short overview of what will happen each term in Year 5 this year.

                                                            Term 1 


This term we will be consolidating our learning on place value.  We will be ordering, rounding and comparing numbers.  In year 5 we we will be working with numbers up to 1 million.


We will begin the term with learning the story of Nyangara the Fire Python.  This story is a quest story and after learning it we will be writing our own.  Following on from this we will be writing a discussion piece where we will be looking at writing a balanced argument.  Our class book this term will be The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, a quest story set in South America.


Our History unit this term is the Maya civilisation.  Our learning will focus on the following questions. We will learn through research, art, food tasting and drama.

  • Who were the Mayans?
  • What did the Mayans believe?
  • What was life like, specifically for children?
  • What foods did the Maya people eat?
  • What happened to the Maya people live?


Our RE question this term is; What does it mean if God is Holy and loving?  To answer this question we will learn about the beliefs of Christians about their God by visiting St Peter’s Church, listening to music used in worship, looking at art and learning some ambitious vocabulary.


Our science unit is All living things.  We will be learning about flowers and how they reproduce by dissecting flowers, we will also play the part of bees and be pollinators for the afternoon!  Life cycles including metamorphosis will the focus of our learning on animals.

                                                                     Term 2


In maths, we will be learning how to add and subtract numbers using formal column methods.  We will also learn what a prime, square and cubed number are.  In multiplication and division we will be able to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.


This term we will use the story of Red Eye, which is a losing tale, to focus on adverbial openers, semi colons, rhetorical questions and empty words.  We will then use our learning to write a monster report.


Our geography unit will be all about slums.  We use the following questions to focus our learning.

Where do people live?


What is a slum, where are they and why are they there?


What is the difference between where we live and where people in slums live?


What is the impact on people’s health and life opportunities?


Where would you want to live and why?


With Christmas just around the corner our RE unit will be looking at the Incarnation.  A well as our learning in this unit we will visit the church for Christingle and to perform our Christmas carol concert.

Was Jesus the Messiah?


What are the key events of the big picture?



What is a messiah?

Why is the messiah a peace maker?


How do Christians celebrate at Christmas?


What do Christians celebrate at Christmas?



We are all very excited to be learning about space.  In this unit we will find out about the solar system and why we experience night and day.

How can we describe the movement of spherical bodies in our solar system?



Why does day and night occur?


Why does the Moon appear to change shape over time?


What’s out there….




                                                                   Term 3


This term we will be continuing our learning on fractions.  We will be converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, adding and subtracting as well as comparing fractions.  We will also be relaunching Times Table Rockstars and trying to secure our times table facts.


Our Talk for Writing story this term is Dobber and the Silver Ring, a finding tale.  We will be learning how to describe a character and bring a story to life.  Our non fiction unit will see us invent a gadget to solve a problem, such as a bully proof mobile phone.


This term we will be learning about The Tudors.  To do this we are going to be working on our skills as historians and use primary and secondary sources to carry out research. 

  • What was the War of the Roses?
  • What are primary and secondary sources?
  • Who were the Tudors?
  • Why did Henry VIII initiate the reformation?
  • What was life like for children in Tudor times?
  • Was Elizabeth I “weak and Feeble?”


In RE, we will be considering commitment and how different religions and people show commitment to their beliefs.

  • What is commitment?
  • What are the key beliefs in world religions?
  • How do Hindus, Muslims and Christians demonstrate key beliefs?
  • What do prominent (Gandhi) figures say about these key beliefs? 
  • Why do Christians say that Jesus is a sacrifice?


Our DT unit is all about food.  We will consider where it comes from and the nutritional value of different foods.

  • What is the farm to fork process?
  • Can you identify the nutritional differences between two products?
  • How can I adapt a recipe to make it healthier?
  • Did the nutritional changes I made improve the original recipe?


In science, will be learning about the forces that are all around us.  We will take part in lots of practical activities to help our understanding.

  • What is a force?
  • Why do objects fall to Earth?
  • What affects the rate of fall of objects?
  • What is friction and how does it affect the movement of objects in air, on land and in water?
  • How do gears, levers and pulleys affect forces?

Term 4


 We will start this term by securing our written multiplication and division methods before suing them to solve problems.  We will then apply this to our understanding of fractions, learning to calculate with fractions, decimals and percentages.


This term we will be writing portal stories and using our imaginations to see where we end up!  Our focus for this will be learning all about modal verbs and making sure we stay in the correct tense.


In Geography, we will be learning about the world’s biomes. We will find out why these biomes exist, what animals and vegetation are a part of them and what dangers they face.


Our art medium this term is collage. We will be learning about the collage of successful artists before using these to inspire our own work.


In science we will be learning about the properties of materials and finding out how we can group them according to their properties. We will learn how materials can be changed and how some of the changes are reversible or not.


With Easter at the end of this term, we will be learning about salvation. We will consider questions such as What did Jesus do to save human beings? Who was responsible for Jesus’ death? and Why do Christians say Jesus was a sacrifice?

Term 5  


This term we will continue our work on fractions and learn to find equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. We will be also be solving problems using all of our maths skills to calculate are and perimeter.


We have started our unit on warning stories. We will be learning how to bring our settings to life with personification and unusual details.  We will the use our knowledge of life as a Victorian child to write our own independent stories.


Our History topic this term is the Victorians. We will be learning about who the Victorians were, what impact they have had our lives, what life was like for Victorian children and who Brunel was. This will culminate with a trip to the SS Great Britain at the end of term.


In D&T we will be designing and making stuffed toys to help younger children learn about shape. This will involve us developing our sewing skills.


Our science topic is learning about puberty and the changes during this time for both boys and girls.  We will also be learning about how a baby is usually conceived. We understand this topic may bring up other questions with the children and we encourage you to have some age appropriate books on the topic at home. If you would like any guidance on this, please let us know.  


We will be discussing the question, If God is everywhere why go to a place of worship?  We look at the differences between Christian churches and then study Hindu and Muslim worship.


 We are very lucky this term to have Bristol City Football Club coming to work with year 5.  We will also be taking part in Athletics lesson to get us ready for sports day next term.