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Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to the Toucans and Eagles class page.



 The Toucan class teacher is: Miss Foster

The Eagles class teacher is: Miss Ing

 The Support staff are: Mrs Payne (wed & thurs), Mrs Kautz, Mrs Wootten, Ms Bloomfield & Mrs Nichols.


Year 6 Curriculum 



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Important Messages

  • Can the children please have their PE kits in school all week. Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday (With Bristol City) but we could do extra sessions at any point. They must have trainers in school every day.
  • It is vital in year 6 that the children are reading at home as often as possible and are bringing in their reading diaries every day so that we can check their reading and sign their records when we read with them.
  • Please ensure you know your child's login information for Microsoft Teams, If you are self-isolating, this is where all of our home learning activities are saved each week. Click here to view a Teams step by step guide. 



Key Dates


What's happening this year?

Below is a short overview of what will happen each term in Year 6 this year.

Term 1

We start Year 6 with an amazing residential trip to Barton Camp.  This is a fun filled, jam packed adventure that really bonds the children and teachers. We are going to walk up Crook's Peak, take a trip to Weston and there will be lots of activities including a competition to make the best boat with a boat race across the swimming pool!

Everyone has an absolutely fantastic week getting to know each other and bonding as a Year 6 team.

Our topic for the term is Journeys. We look at the World and our place in it, looking at the geography curriculum, we look at maps and learn about the equator, longitude and latitude, lines of meridian and ordinance survey maps.

Our literacy is themed around a book called, "Clockwork," by Phillip Pullman and we will look at mechanical things. Lots of our other work will be linked to this clockwork theme. We will be aiming to recreate some work by Salvador Dali Later in the term we will then be looking at a book called, "Holes," by Louis Sachar. 

In RE we are looking at what it means to be a Sikh today. In Music we will be starting to look at samba rhythms and in science we are looking at classification of living things.

In French we are learning to greet each other and hold simple conversations, whilst learning to count through songs and games

In PE we are doing team building (with also swimming at camp) and some dance.

In music we are looking at rhythm and linking it to clockwork. We will be analysing some music related to clocks and then learning to hold a rhythm, looking then at responding with an echo.

In science we will look into classifications of animal groups and then looking at keys.

Term 2

This term is building towards Christmas.

In English our book that we are reading is Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. We will have two talk talk for Writing texts, which are Alien Landing, a mystery/ time-slip story and a persuasion text entitled, "Don't go out after dark."

In maths we are securing our arithmetic skills and looking at some shape and coordinate work.

Science is all about electricity, making and drawing circuits and how to use electricity safely.

We have anti- bullying week which is when we develop the themes through PSHE and discuss issues together. Our PSHE theme for the term is difference and will include talking about power and road safety.

In music out main focus is preparing for the Christmas Carol concert. We will be performing a 3 part rendition of Holy Boy by David Palmer.

Geography is a major topic area this term and we will look at map reading, using ordinance survey maps and learning to use grid references.

Our RE theme is Incarnation, when we will ask the philosophical question, "Was Jesus the Messiah?"

In French we are looking at consolidating the numbers and colours

In art we were developing our knowledge of colours through the tertiary wheel and looking at warm and cold colours to make our cauliflower cards.

Term 3

Term 4 we are beginning our exciting war project (to last 2 terms) Our specific foci are the effect of WW1 and 2 on Bristol and how it shaped life today. We are also learning to plan key events and using primary and secondary resources. We will begin a homework project for children to research and produce a project to show at an exhibition at the end of term 4.

Our class book for this term is Letters form the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. Our Talk for Writing texts are Sandy Cove, a finding tale and Is Honesty the best Policy, Our discussion text. 

In maths we are working through fractions whilst consolidating arithmetic work. We will also be looking at shape work, angles and the use of a protractor.

In science our topic is, "How we See." We are looking at shadows and how light travels. There will be experiments and graph work included in this.

In RE we are looking at what it means to be to be a Musilim. We look through the 5 pillars and what it means to pray, worship and to fast and to go on a pilgrimage.

In Music, we are continuing our rhythm work from term 1 and looking more specifically at Samba and how we put rhythms together and perform in small groups.

Art is linked with our history focus because after learning the skills of sketching and shading, we are applying these skills to some still life (WW2 artefacts) and then we are moving to learning about collage and then creating a WW2 collage.

In ICT, we are going to be researching by using chrome books and I pads. The children will be gathering information about war artefacts and then presenting their ideas in a small information film. The children will be evaluating the skills that they have used and analysing where they could improve.

Our French curriculum includes describing ourselves and then learning about the weather.

In PE we are lucky to be working with Bristol City Foundation, and being coached on football skills. In Gym we are looking at the skills of jumping, rolling and balancing through creating routines. 

Term 4

In term 4, we are continuing our fantastic Bristol during the war project and our children will be hoping to exhibit some of their project work in a war museum that parents will be invited to.

In English and Maths, we will now be leading towards some revision teaching in preparation for next term's SATs. In English we are looking at how to read and answer passages with prolonged answers, using the PEE model of Point, ~Evidence, Explanation. Our reading book is The girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. In maths we will be continuing with fractions, decimals and percentages and beginning to spend more time on using the basic operations to solve problems.

In science our topic is evolution and inheritance and we will look at how animals adapt as well as looking into genetics.

PE is focused on stamina and endurance with a look at the Beep test and aerobic activity and looking at how to adapt exercises to benefit different parts of our body.

In art we will be studying collage. We will look at some famous pieces of art and then will create our own WW2 collage work.

Term 5

Term 5 is an important time in Year six, when the students have the experience of national SAT tests. The children will be tested in Maths, Reading, spelling and Grammar. We try to make this a really normal week for the children and they will be used to sitting tests within the classroom. The tests are marked externally and results will be sent back to the school towards the end of the year.

Writing is a big focus this term as we begin to build a portfolio of work for moderation. Our class reading book continues to be, The girl with Ink and stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. We will also be beginning, Skellig by David Almond

We continue to teach a full curriculum. Although in Term 5, we do not have a  module in History and Geography.

In Science we will be look at RSE- Relationship and Sex education. Letters will be issued before we study this and you will be invited in if you have any questions or concerns. As a church school we will be teaching children about the relationships from faith perspective and make them aware of the different views that religions have on this.

In RE we will be teaching about, Science vs Evolution and discussing what science says and how Christians believe. This is a thought provoking unit for the students and includes lots of time for debate and thinking.

In PE we are looking at teaching cricket skills and Athletics.


Term 6

In term six we will be continuing with Maths and English. Writing still has a large focus due to the portfolio that we are building for moderation. Our reading book is still Skellig by David Almond. 

Transition is a huge part of this term. We begin to have visits from secondary schools to meet students and the students themselves go to visit their new schools, some for a few days and others for a week. The communication for this does not come through us, but comes directly to you. Please contact them directly if you have any concerns, but we are here to help if you have problems.

In RE, we will be studying The Kingdom of God. This will be looking at different views of the afterlife. We will look at what Christians believe and comparing that to other World Religion views. We also have our church visit in June to spend a morning in St Peters.

In Geography, we will be doing a study on Africa. This will link with our production of The Lion King. It will be an interactive project which looks at types of settlements, land use, economic activity and trade links. 

We hope to link our art work to the African project, by making some sculpture work and in DT we will be trying to do some printing and mask making.

This term will also include health week - a time of many sporting activities as well as sports day and in PSHE we will be looking at Healthy me. This will include mental health preparation for transition.

We hope to be able to perform a production of The Lion King either in film or as a public performance. This will be the main focus of our music curriculum this term.